Google Drive 网盘加载视频更快了

软餐获悉,谷歌为网盘服务 Google Drive 带来了一些更新。

  • 新的转码技术加快了视频加载速度。所有在 Google Drive 上传的新视频都将使用动态自适应流媒体传输(Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP)。这是一种转码技术,根据用户的互联网连接自动调整比特率。因此,视频的质量可能会高于或低于以前,取决于互联网网络的质量。谷歌表示,这样可以加快视频的开始播放速度,并减少中途缓冲的时间。
  • 改进了 Google Drive 移动客户端的搜索功能。现在可以更轻松对文件类型、修改时间、人物等进行搜索筛选。

Google has introduced some updates to its cloud storage service, Google Drive.

  • The new transcoding technology has accelerated video loading speed. All new videos uploaded to Google Drive will now use Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), which is a transcoding technique that automatically adjusts the bitrate based on the user’s internet connection. As a result, the video quality may be higher or lower than before, depending on the quality of the internet network. Google states that this enables faster video playback initiation and reduces buffering during playback.
  • The search functionality in the Google Drive mobile client has been improved. Users can now easily search and filter by file type, modification time, and people.
Google Drive网盘加载视频更快了
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