GitHub 为所有用户默认启用机密信息扫描


软餐获悉,GitHub 将为所有用户默认启用对机密信息的扫描功能。GitHub 将自动为所有公共代码库启用 “推送保护” 功能,这样可以在推送前对代码库进行扫描,以检查是否存在 “机密信息” 或 API 密钥。GitHub 表示,他们将默认为所有用户(包括没有付费订阅的用户)启用该功能。如果用户向包含机密信息的代码库进行 “git push”,则该推送将被阻止。除了机密信息外,该功能还可以检查密码或 API 密钥等内容。

“机密信息扫描” 功能在 GitHub 上已经存在两年了。该公司在两年前开始进行试点测试,去年将其扩展到了所有的公共代码库。现在,GitHub 不仅将该功能作为选项提供,而且将其默认启用,适用于所有的代码库和所有的用户,无论他们是否拥有 Advanced Security 等付费订阅。

GitHub will enable the scanning feature for sensitive information by default for all users. GitHub will automatically enable “push protection” for all public repositories, allowing pre-push scans to check for the presence of “secrets” or API keys.GitHub states that they will now enable this feature by default for all users, including those without a paid subscription. If a user performs a “git push” to a repository that contains a secret, the push will be blocked. This feature can also detect passwords or API keys, among other sensitive information.

The “secret scanning” feature has been available on GitHub for two years. The company started a pilot program two years ago and expanded it to all public repositories last year. Now, GitHub not only offers this feature as an option but also enables it by default for all repositories and all users, regardless of whether they have a paid subscription like Advanced Security or not.



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