WhatsApp 支持安卓用户按日期查找消息


软餐获悉,WhatsApp 现在已允许 Android 用户按日期查找聊天消息。该功能此前已支持其 iOS、MacOS 版本和 Web 版本。Meta 首席执行官马克·扎克伯格通过 WhatsApp 频道展示了该功能的使用方法。它可以在个人对话和群组聊天中使用,并可在对话中的搜索功能中找到。通过搜索栏的右侧日历图标可选择日期。只能按照特定日期进行搜索,而不能在特定时间段内搜索。

WhatsApp now allows Android users to search for chat messages by date. This feature was previously available on its iOS, MacOS, and web versions. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg showcased how this feature works through his WhatsApp channel. It can be used in individual conversations and group chats and can be found within the conversation’s search function. Users can select a date by clicking on the calendar icon on the right side of the search bar. It is only possible to search for messages on a specific date, rather than within a specific time range.

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