Telegram 将与频道主分享广告收入

Telegram 要向频道主分钱了。Telegram 创始人帕维尔·杜罗夫(Pavel Durov)称,自 2024 年 3 月起,Telegram 广告平台将正式向近百个新国家的广告商开放。这些地区的 Telegram 频道主将开始从频道广告展示收入中获得 50% 的份额。Telegram 将以 Toncoin 的形式出售广告并与频道所有者分享收入。Toncoin 是 Telegram 参与支持的一种加密货币。Pavel Durov 透露,Telegram 上的广播频道每月产生 1 万亿的观看次数。目前只有其中 10% 的观看次数通过 Telegram 广告进行货币化。

Telegram is going to share revenue with channel owners. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, announced that starting from March 2024, the Telegram Ad Platform will officially open to advertisers in nearly a hundred countries. Channel owners in these regions will begin receiving a 50% share of the revenue generated from channel ad displays. Telegram will sell ads and share revenue with channel owners in the form of Toncoin, a cryptocurrency supported by Telegram. Pavel Durov revealed that broadcast channels on Telegram generate 1 trillion views monthly, but currently only 10% of these views are monetized through Telegram Ads.

Telegram 将与频道主分享广告收入


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