Github 面向大型企业推出 Copilot Enterprise 计划

Github 发布了面向大型企业的 Copilot Enterprise 计划。它包括现有 Copilot Business 计划中的所有功能,但增加了其他功能。Copilot Enterprise 每位用户每月收费 39 美元。Copilot Enterprise 可以引用客户的代码和知识库,以回答有关组织内部代码的问题,并将用户引导至相关的内部文档。未来企业计划还将允许组织根据自己的存储库微调 Copilot AI 模型。这些功能不包括在现有的 Copilot Business 计划中。GitHub 的 AI 服务也将与 Bing 搜索引擎集成。目前,该 Bing 集成仅在 Copilot Enterprise 中作为测试版提供。此外,Copilot Enterprise 还可以汇总拉取请求。

GitHub has released the Copilot Enterprise program, targeting large-scale enterprises. It includes all the features of the existing Copilot Business plan but introduces additional functionalities. Copilot Enterprise charges $39 per user per month. Copilot Enterprise can reference customers’ code and repositories to answer questions about internal code within the organization and guide users to relevant internal documentation. In the future, the enterprise plan will also allow organizations to fine-tune the Copilot AI model based on their own repositories. These features are not included in the existing Copilot Business plan. GitHub’s AI service will also integrate with the Bing search engine. Currently, this Bing integration is only available as a test version in Copilot Enterprise. Additionally, Copilot Enterprise can aggregate pull requests.

Github 面向大型企业推出 Copilot Enterprise 计划


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