Swiftkey 输入法引入 Snapchat 镜头,可制作 GIF

软餐获悉,微软的 Swiftkey 输入法应用正在获得对 Snapchat 的 Lenses 的支持,以创建用于聊天的 GIF 和视频。Snapchat Lenses 可为 GIF 和视频添加效果。现在,Swiftkey 转到 gif 按钮时将看到一个打开 Snapchat Lenses 的选项,在那里可以拍摄和制作 gif 或视频。目前尚不清楚微软和 Snapchat 如何达成这种合作,例如是否涉及交易。

Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard app is gaining support for Snapchat’s Lenses, enabling the creation of GIFs and videos for chatting purposes. Snapchat Lenses allow users to add effects to GIFs and videos. Now, when SwiftKey switches to the GIF button, users will see an option to open Snapchat Lenses, where they can capture and create GIFs or videos. It is currently unclear how Microsoft and Snapchat have reached this collaboration, such as whether it involves any transactions.



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