Netflix 将停止支持 Apple Pay 订阅

流媒体平台 Netflix 要求通过 Apple Pay 支付订阅费的客户直接订阅该服务。Netflix 称,该平台将完全停止支持 Apple Pay,并要求使用该支付方式的客户直接订阅服务。原因是如果客户通过 Apple Pay 支付,苹果公司会扣除一部分金额。上述调整的结果将意味着价格上涨——由于 Netflix 在过去几年里并未对这些客户实施涨价,后者享受的基础套餐仍然是每月 10 美元。但用户现在可选择更便宜的 Netflix 带广告计划。

Streaming platform Netflix is now requiring customers who pay for their subscriptions through Apple Pay to directly subscribe to the service. Netflix has announced that it will completely cease supporting Apple Pay and is requesting customers using this payment method to subscribe directly. The reason behind this decision is that Apple deducts a portion of the payment amount if customers use Apple Pay. As a result of this adjustment, prices are set to increase. Due to Netflix’s failure to raise prices for these customers in recent years, they have been enjoying a basic subscription plan at $10 per month. However, users now have the option to choose a cheaper Netflix plan with advertisements.

Netflix将停止支持Apple Pay订阅


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