Evernote 将停用旧版本客户端

软餐获悉,在线笔记应用程序 Evernote 将于 2024 年 3 月 23 日终止对其旧版应用的支持。具体来说,所有版本号为 9 的 Evernote 应用程序将从 3 月 23 日起停止运行,这包括具有此版本号的 Android、iOS、Windows 和 macOS 应用程序。停止支持的原因是这些版本没有最新的安全补丁,不具有最新的数据保护能力,继续使用将带来安全风险。Evernote 官方建议用户下载以数字 10 开头的最新版本。Evernote 估计目前有约 1% 的用户仍在使用旧版客户端。

Evernote, the online note-taking application, will end support for its older versions on March 23, 2024. Specifically, all versions of the Evernote application numbered 9 will cease to function starting from March 23. This includes the Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS applications with this version number. The reason for discontinuing support is that these versions do not have the latest security patches, and continuing to use them poses security risks. Evernote officially recommends users to download the latest versions starting with the number 10. Evernote estimates that approximately 1% of users are still using the older client versions.

Evernote 将停用旧版本客户端


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