软餐获悉,即使你没有付费订阅社交媒体 X(Twitter)的 Premium 计划,现在也能在该平台发起音频和视频通话。以前,音视频通话是付费专享功能。X 的一位工程师确认,该功能正逐步推送给 X 的免费用户。此外,X 现在允许用户设置接听来自任何人的通话(之前仅支持接受联系人的电话),当然也可完全禁用通过 X 打电话的功能。X 于 2023 年 10 月添加了音频和视频通话能力。

Even if you don’t have a paid subscription to the social media platform X (Twitter) Premium plan, you can now initiate audio and video calls on the platform. Previously, audio and video calls were exclusive features for paid subscribers. An engineer from X has confirmed that this feature is gradually being rolled out to X’s free users. Additionally, X now allows users to set up receiving calls from anyone (previously only supported accepting calls from contacts) and, of course, the option to completely disable the ability to make calls through X. X added audio and video calling capabilities in October 2023.



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