Fairphone 4 获更新,大幅提升低光摄影性能

荷兰模块化智能手机厂商 Fairphone 通过软件更新改进了 Fairphone 4 的摄像头。更新后,该设备的摄像头对焦更快、更准确,并将能够更好地处理低光摄影。此前该公司接到了多起有关相机在低光下性能的反馈。Fairphone 为此优化了图像处理算法,以提升低光性能。Fairphone 还推出了一种新的超级夜间模式,可减少噪点并锐化细节。此外,Fairphone 还添加了改进的 AI 驱动的场景识别,并改进了颜色和白平衡算法。闪光灯工作更自然,镜头之间的切换也更流畅。最后,HDR 照片获得了更多对比度。Fairphone 4 手机发布于 2021 年。

Dutch modular smartphone manufacturer Fairphone has improved the camera of the Fairphone 4 through a software update. Following the update, the device’s camera will have faster and more accurate autofocus and will be able to handle low-light photography better. The company had received feedback regarding the camera’s performance in low-light conditions, prompting Fairphone to optimize the image processing algorithm to enhance low-light performance. Fairphone has also introduced a new Super Night mode that reduces noise and sharpens details. Additionally, Fairphone has added improved AI-driven scene recognition and enhanced color and white balance algorithms. The flash operates more naturally, and the transition between lenses is smoother. Finally, HDR photos will have increased contrast. The Fairphone 4 was released in 2021.

Fairphone 4 获更新,大幅提升低光摄影性能
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