Adobe Acrobat 和 Reader 应用获得了 AI 助手

Adobe 宣布为 Adobe Acrobat 和 Adobe Reader 应用程序带来 AI 助手。这个名为 AI Assistant 的工具可以汇总文件内容、格式化内容、回答用户针对内容提出的问题、创建引文等。此外,AI Assistant 也可以用于 Microsoft Word 和 PowerPoint 等格式文件。Adobe 未来将为 AI Assistant 添加新功能,包括创建文档草稿,Firefly AI 图像生成等。该测试版目前可供 Acrobat 个人版、专业版和团队版计划的用户以及 Acrobat Pro 试用版用户使用。后续它还会被添加到 Adobe Reader 中。一旦未来结束 beta 测试,Adobe 计划通过新的订阅计划为 Reader 和 Acrobat 用户提供全功能版本的 AI Assistant,但尚未公布定价。

Adobe has announced the introduction of an AI assistant for its Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader applications. This tool, called AI Assistant, can summarize document contents, format content, answer user questions related to the content, and create citations, among other functions. Furthermore, the AI Assistant can also be used with file formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Adobe plans to add new features to the AI Assistant in the future, including document drafting and Firefly AI image generation. The beta version of the AI Assistant is currently available for users of Acrobat Personal, Professional, and Team plans, as well as Acrobat Pro trial users. It will also be added to Adobe Reader in the future. Once the beta testing phase concludes, Adobe intends to offer a full-featured version of the AI Assistant to Reader and Acrobat users through a new subscription plan, although pricing details have not been disclosed yet.

Adobe Acrobat和Reader应用获得了AI助手


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