Apple Music 开发新功能:从其他平台迁移播放列表

苹果似乎很快将允许 Apple Music 用户从其他服务迁移播放列表数据。因为适用于 Android 的 Apple Music Beta(版本 4.7.0-beta,1359)包含了对基于 SongShift 的新播放列表迁移工具的引用。SongShift 是一个专门用于在流媒体服务之间复制曲目的第三方服务,但它是一个付费订阅服务。此番 Apple Music 新增原生的播放列表导入功能,将让迁移更加方便。苹果公司尚未公开回应上述消息。

Apple seems to be allowing Apple Music users to migrate playlist data from other services soon. This is indicated by the inclusion of a reference to a new playlist migration tool based on SongShift in the Apple Music Beta (version 4.7.0-beta, 1359) for Android. SongShift is a third-party service specifically designed for copying tracks between streaming services, but it requires a paid subscription. The addition of native playlist import functionality to Apple Music will make the playlist migration experience more convenient. Apple has not publicly responded to this news yet.

Apple Music 开发新功能:从其他平台迁移播放列表


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