Valve 宣布将 Steam Audio 开源

Valve 在发布 SDK 4.5.2 版本时已将 Steam Audio 音频软件开发工具包开源。开发人员可以直接将这项空间游戏音频软件集成到他们的游戏中。通过发布 Steam Audio SDK 4.5.2,开发人员可以根据 Apache 2.0 许可证使用软件的完整代码库。之前的插件代码现在也在该许可证下提供。Valve 于 2017 年发布了 Steam Audio。Steam Audio 通过模拟虚拟环境中的声音,使其更加逼真,同时考虑到物体对相关声源的遮挡或部分遮挡会改变声音的感知。这项技术被广泛应用于虚拟现实游戏和普通游戏中。

Valve has made Steam Audio, the spatial game audio software development kit, open source with the release of SDK 4.5.2. Developers can now integrate the software directly into their games and contribute to its development.Previously, Steam Audio was available as a plugin for major game engines. With the release of Steam Audio SDK 4.5.2, developers can utilize the “full codebase” of the software under the Apache 2.0 license. The code from the previous plugins is also now available under the same license.Valve introduced Steam Audio in 2017 as a software development kit that enables developers to incorporate advanced audio technology into their games. Steam Audio aims to simulate sound realistically in virtual spaces, taking into account how objects occlude or partially occlude relevant sound sources, thereby altering the perception of sound. This technology is widely used in both virtual reality and traditional gaming applications.

Valve宣布将Steam Audio开源
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