Signal 几周内全面推出用户名,以隐藏电话号码

Signal 几周内全面推出用户名,以隐藏电话号码

聊天软件 Signal 将不再默认向未保存其电话号码的人显示用户的电话号码,并引入了用户名称功能,使人们可以在聊天时无需共享电话号码。在群组聊天中,如果对话参与者未保存用户的电话号码,Signal 将不再显示该用户的电话号码,从而避免了电话号码被群组中的其他人共享。

不希望与他人共享电话号码的用户现在可以创建一个用户名称与其他人共享。这个用户名称与个人资料名称是分开的,并且在聊天中不可见。然而,Signal 账户仍然需要一个电话号码。该功能自 11 月以来一直处于 “预发布测试” 状态,现在进入了常规测试阶段。

通过用户名称,用户还可选择不再允许通过电话号码被他人找到。只有当其他人知道了用户的用户名或者发起聊天时,才能与该用户进行聊天。Signal 强调用户名称是可选的,并表示所有功能将在未来几周内向所有用户提供。用户名称可以通过链接或 QR 码分享。用户名称将使用修改后的 Ristretto 25519 哈希进行加密存储。用户可以删除或修改用户名称。

Chat app Signal will no longer display users’ phone numbers to people who have not saved those phone numbers, and it has introduced a username feature that allows people to chat without sharing their phone numbers. In group chats, Signal will no longer show a user’s phone number if the conversation participants have not saved that number, preventing the phone number from being shared with others in the group.

Users who don’t want to share their phone numbers with others can now create a username to share with others. This username is separate from the profile name and is not visible in chats. However, a phone number is still required for Signal accounts. This feature has been in a “pre-release testing” phase since November and is now entering regular testing.

With the username, users can also choose not to be discoverable through their phone numbers. Others can only chat with a user if they know the username or initiate a chat themselves. Signal emphasizes that usernames are optional and states that all features will be available to all users in the coming weeks. Usernames can be shared through links or QR codes.

Usernames are stored encrypted using a modified Ristretto 25519 hash. Users can delete or modify their usernames. Usernames must have at least two digits at the end. Signal does not display search results for usernames.

Signal 几周内全面推出用户名,以隐藏电话号码
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