Wyze 摄像头又曝安全问题:有人看到了其他用户的画面

摄像头厂商 Wyze 又曝出安全问题。上周五,大约有 13,000 名 Wyze 安全摄像头用户能够短暂看到其他用户摄像头的缩略图。Wyze 发送的电子邮件中披露,有 1504 名用户点击了其他用户的视频流,在大多数情况下,他们只是放大了缩略图。在 “某些情况下”,用户还可以观看其他用户的活动视频。该公司称已通知所有受影响的用户。Wyze 重申该问题是由亚马逊 AWS 网络服务的缓存问题引起的。由于 AWS 的故障,用户的摄像头在几个小时内无法访问。上述安全问题发生在摄像机重新上线时。该公司在去年 9 月也遇到了类似的问题,少数用户能够查看其他用户的摄像头画面。

Wyze, a camera manufacturer, has once again encountered a security issue. Last Friday, approximately 13,000 users of Wyze security cameras were able to briefly view thumbnails of other users’ cameras. According to an email sent by Wyze, 1504 users clicked on the video feeds of other users, with most cases only enlarging the thumbnails. In “some cases,” users were also able to view the activity videos of other users. The company claims to have notified all affected users. Wyze reiterated that the issue was caused by a caching problem with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Due to an AWS outage, users were unable to access their cameras for several hours. The aforementioned security issue occurred when the cameras came back online. The company experienced a similar issue in September of last year, where a small number of users were able to view the camera feeds of other users.



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