Edge 浏览器自动导入了 Chrome 的书签?微软修复了

软餐获悉,微软公司已修复了 Edge 中的一个 Bug,该 Bug 会导致 Edge 浏览器自动从 Chrome 导入浏览历史记录和标签。这种情况持续了一个月,微软称这是 Edge 同步功能中的 Bug 引起的,在最新的 Microsoft Edge 121.0.2277.128 中,该问题已修复。过去几周,Edge 浏览器因在没有用户设置的情况下突然从 Chrome 导入标签和其他数据受到广泛批评。

Microsoft has fixed a bug in Edge that caused the browser to automatically import browsing history and tabs from Chrome. This issue persisted for a month, and Microsoft attributed it to a bug in the Edge sync feature. In the latest version of Microsoft Edge, 121.0.2277.128, the problem has been resolved. Over the past few weeks, the Edge browser received widespread criticism for unexpectedly importing tabs and other data from Chrome without user consent or settings.



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