Z-Library 现在可以高效地推荐图书

电子书网站 Z-Library 周一宣布改进了其图书推荐系统。新的系统可帮助读者找到真正符合您兴趣的图书。Z-Library 介绍说,以前,其图书推荐仅基于用户行为,但这种方法存在局限,例如它无法为稀有或不受欢迎的图书生成推荐。为此该网站开发了自己的技术,可以在数百万本图书中找到相似的文本,并将其应用于推荐模块中。现在,在生成推荐时,除了考虑用户行为,还会用到其独特的文本比较技术。这意味着在选择推荐图书时,Z-Library 会分析图书内容,以提供更准确、多样化的建议。

Z-Library 同时再次提醒避免访问两个仿冒网站,分别是 z-lib[.] io 和 z-lib[.] id。

The e-book website Z-Library announced on Monday that it has improved its book recommendation system. The new system is designed to help readers find books that truly match their interests. According to Z-Library, the previous book recommendations were solely based on user behavior, but this approach had limitations, such as the inability to generate recommendations for rare or unpopular books. To address this, the website developed its own technology to find similar texts among millions of books and implemented it in the recommendation module. Now, when generating recommendations, Z-Library takes into account not only user behavior but also its unique text comparison technology. This means that when selecting recommended books, Z-Library analyzes the content of the books to provide more accurate and diverse suggestions.

Z-Library also reminds users to avoid accessing two fraudulent websites, namely z-lib[.] io and z-lib[.] id.

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