Google 搜索停止提供网页快照

软餐获悉,Google 已从搜索结果中删除了网页快照选项。Google 员工 Danny Sullivan 确认,网页缓存功能不再显示在 Google 搜索结果中。以前该选项位于搜索结果条目右侧的菜单中,用户可借助该选项访问 Google 缓存网页的早期索引版本。缓存功能于几年前引入,它是网络原因导致原始网页无法加载时的替代选择,但现在网络状况已有了很大改善。因此,Google 决定停止提供该功能。过去几个月来,Google 一直在逐渐删除该功能。Google 建议希望查看网站缓存版本的用户使用 Google Search Console。用户还可使用 Wayback Machine 等服务。

Google has removed the option for webpage snapshots from its search results. Google employee Danny Sullivan confirmed that the webpage cache functionality is no longer displayed in Google search results. Previously, this option was located in the menu on the right side of the search result entry, allowing users to access earlier indexed versions of webpages through Google’s cache. Google now considers this feature irrelevant. The cache functionality was introduced several years ago as an alternative when the original webpage couldn’t load due to network issues. However, with significant improvements in network conditions, Google has decided to discontinue this feature. Over the past few months, Google has been gradually removing this functionality. Google advises users who wish to view cached versions of websites to use the Google Search Console. Users can also utilize services like the Wayback Machine.



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