PayPal 宣布将裁员 2500 人

软餐获悉,数字支付巨头 PayPal 日前宣布将裁员约 2,500 人,约占其员工总数的 9%。PayPal 目前在全球拥有约 30,000 名员工。PayPal 首席执行官亚历克斯·克里斯(Alex Chriss)在给员工的信中表示,裁员对于调整公司规模并 “以为客户提供服务并推动盈利增长所需的速度” 是必要的。PayPal 在数字支付行业正面临来自 Apple Pay 和 Square 等对手的激烈竞争。

Digital payment giant PayPal recently announced plans to lay off approximately 2,500 employees, accounting for around 9% of its total workforce. PayPal currently employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide. CEO Alex Chriss stated in a letter to employees that the layoffs were necessary to adjust the company’s size and “deliver the services our customers need and drive profitable growth.” PayPal faces fierce competition in the digital payment industry from rivals such as Apple Pay and Square.



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