Icann 拟将.internal 用作内部网络的新顶级域名

软餐获悉,国际互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)已经选定”.internal” 作为内部网络的新顶级域名,并请求对此决定提供反馈意见。目前还不清楚该域名何时投入使用。如果该域名投用,用户最终可以通过导航到”.internal” 来访问他们的路由器。这样的顶级域名不会出现在公共 DNS 中。公众现在可对该域名方案发表意见。ICANN 的一个独立委员会,即安全与稳定咨询委员会(Security and Stability Advisory Committee),自 2020 年起考虑了 35 个不同的顶级域名,包括”.domain”、”.private” 和”.internal” 等。他们拒绝了第一个顶级域名,因为该术语可能无法准确表明这是一个私人连接; 也拒绝了”.private” 这个域名,因为该域名 “可能会意外地暗示有更高程度的隐私”,并且该术语在其他语言中的翻译有冲突的含义。

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has selected “.internal” as the new top-level domain for internal networks and is seeking feedback on this decision. It is currently unclear when this domain name will be put into use. If implemented, users will eventually be able to access their routers by navigating to “.internal”. Such a top-level domain will not appear in the public DNS. The public is now invited to provide comments on this domain name proposal. ICANN’s independent committee, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee, has been considering 35 different top-level domain options, including “.domain”, “.private”, and “.internal”, since 2020. They rejected the first top-level domain because the term may not accurately indicate a private connection. They also rejected the “.private” domain name because it could unintentionally imply a higher level of privacy and its translation in other languages had conflicting meanings.

Icann 拟将.internal 用作内部网络的新顶级域名


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