Netflix 将在加拿大和英国下架无广告订阅套餐

软餐获悉,2024 年第二季度开始,视频流媒体服务 Netflix 将在加拿大和英国停止提供无广告的基本(Basic)订阅套餐。Basic 套餐将被含广告的订阅计划取代,Netflix 计划在更多市场逐步淘汰 Basic 套餐。Netflix 表示,在提供了含广告计划的地区,40% 的用户会选择订阅该计划。

Starting in the second quarter of 2024, the video streaming service Netflix will discontinue its ad-free Basic subscription plan in Canada and the United Kingdom. The Basic plan will be replaced by a subscription plan that includes advertisements, and Netflix plans to gradually phase out the Basic plan in more markets. According to Netflix, in regions where the ad-supported plan is available, 40% of users choose to subscribe to that plan.



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