Spotify 将可通过 iOS 客户端订阅

软餐获悉,从 2024 年 3 月起,音频流媒体 Spotify 将允许用户在应用程序内直接订阅并付费。此外 Spotify 将在应用内向 iOS 用户介绍有关该产品订阅、价格、交易和促销的信息。——这些变化得益于欧盟法律 DMA(数字市场法)的实施,这项将于 3 月 7 日起生效的法律规定,苹果不能阻止企业在 App Store 之外提供优惠和合同。一直以来,App Store 禁止开发者在该商店之外提供优惠信息,例如不能客户引荐到购买服务更便宜的订阅渠道。由于 App Store 需要收取 30% 的销售佣金,因此 Spotify 未在 iOS 应用程序上提供订阅。Spotify 没有提及提供订阅时将使用哪种支付系统。

Starting from March 2024, the audio streaming platform Spotify will allow users to directly subscribe and make payments within the application. Additionally, Spotify will provide iOS users with information about product subscriptions, pricing, transactions, and promotions within the app. This is made possible by the implementation of the European Union law known as the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will come into effect on March 7th. According to this law, Apple is not allowed to prevent companies from offering discounts and contracts outside of the App Store. Previously, developers were prohibited from providing promotional information outside of the App Store, including directing customers to alternative subscription channels offering services at a lower cost. Due to the requirement of App Store to charge a 30% sales commission, Spotify did not offer subscriptions through the iOS application. Spotify has not mentioned which payment system will be used for the subscription offering.

Spotify 将可通过 iOS客户端订阅


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