Google Messages 将支持为图片添加字幕

软餐获悉,谷歌 Google Messages 将支持字幕功能,即图片下方的文本说明/描述。该功能开启后,用户可以将图像及字幕在一条消息中发送,文本将直接显示在图像下方(目前的版本中,图片字幕只能单独发送)。该功能在 Google Messages 的内部版本中被发现,尚不清楚谷歌何时正式推出该功能。

Google Messages is working on adding support for captions, which are text descriptions or explanations displayed below images. Once enabled, users will be able to send both the image and caption in a single message, with the text appearing directly below the image (currently, captions for images can only be sent separately). This feature was discovered in an internal version of Google Messages, and it is unclear when Google plans to officially roll out this functionality.

Google Messages将支持为图片添加字幕


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