eBay 将裁员 9%

软餐获悉,电商网站巨头 eBay 将裁员 9%,涉及约 1000 名员工。该公司本周二向员工通知了裁员消息,并将在周三与受影响的员工进行会谈。除了裁员外,eBay 还计划在未来几个月内减少与自由职业者的合同数量。“虽然我们在战略方面取得了进展,但我们的整体员工人数和成本超过了我们业务的增长,” 首席执行官 Jamie Iannone 说。

E-commerce giant eBay is set to lay off 9% of its workforce, affecting approximately 1,000 employees. The company notified its employees of the layoffs on Tuesday and scheduled meetings with the affected staff on Wednesday. In addition to the layoffs, eBay also plans to reduce the number of contracts with freelancers in the coming months. Interventions are necessary to control costs. “While we have made progress on the strategic front, our overall employee count and cost structure have exceeded the growth of our business,” said CEO Jamie Iannone.



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