Chrome 发布更新,修复四个安全漏洞

软餐获悉,谷歌日前为 Chrome 浏览器发布更新,修复了桌面版和 Android 版中的四个安全漏洞。其中一个已在野外被利用。最新版本号为 120.0.6099.234(Mac 版)、120.0.6099.224(Linux 版)、120.0.6099.224 或 120.0.6099.225(Windows 版)。谷歌公布了其中的三个漏洞,即 CVE-2024-0517、CVE-2024-0518 和 CVE-2024-0519。谷歌确认 CVE-2025-0519 在野外被利用。其他基于 Chromium 的浏览器也会受到这些问题的影响,预计也将很快推出更新。

Google recently released an update for the Chrome browser, addressing four security vulnerabilities in both the desktop and Android versions. One of these vulnerabilities was being actively exploited in the wild. The latest version numbers are 120.0.6099.234 for Mac, 120.0.6099.224 for Linux, and 120.0.6099.224 or 120.0.6099.225 for Windows. Google disclosed three of the vulnerabilities as CVE-2024-0517, CVE-2024-0518, and CVE-2024-0519. Google has confirmed that CVE-2025-0519 is being actively exploited. Other Chromium-based browsers are also expected to be affected by these issues and are likely to release updates soon.



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