OpenWRT 开发者计划推出自有路由器

OpenWRT 开源路由器软件的一些开发人员正在开发具有上游 Linux 支持的自有硬件 OpenWRT One,这是特别用于 OpenWRT 的硬件,预计售价不到 100 美元。OpenWRT 项目的一个团队在邮件列表中描述了这些计划。制造商希望创建一种设备,具有 OpenWrt One/AP-24.XY,基于 MediaTek MT7981B 系统芯片和 MT7976C 无线芯片。制造商表示,这些组件将放置在一个 PCB 上,其大小大约与 Banana Pi 的 BPI-R4 相当,即约为 100x148mm。该设备还将具有两个 RJ-45 端口,一个用于 2.5Gbit 以太网连接,另一个用于 1Gbit 以太网连接。路由器上将有三个 MMCX 天线连接器。路由器还将配备复位按钮和电源开关。制造商还计划以 GPL 许可证提供 PCB 的原理图。

开发人员表示,该设备将配备两个不同的闪存芯片。其中一个是 NAND 芯片,用于引导加载程序和 Linux 引导映像,而另一个是具有写保护的 NOR 芯片,包含恢复引导加载程序。该设备将配备一个物理按钮,用于在这两个引导加载程序之间进行切换。开发人员希望通过这种方式,使设备几乎不会变砖,因为用户始终可以在两个引导加载程序之间切换。

路由器还将配备一个用于 NVMe 存储的 M.2 插槽。理论上,用户还可以从该驱动器引导替代的 Linux 发行版。制造商还计划在路由器上配备一个 USB-C 接口用于供电,以及一个常规的 USB-A 2.0 端口。

制造商希望与开源硬件制造商 Banana Pi 合作进行硬件设计和分销。开发人员 John Crispin 表示,Banana Pi 此前已制造出与他们想要实现的目标非常接近的设备。OpenWRT 项目也没有销售实体设备的知识和能力。设备销售的一部分将捐赠给软件自由保护协会。

尚未确定设备的最终价格,但制造商表示希望将其控制在 100 美元以下。开发人员已与 MediaTek 和 Banana Pi 达成协议,但设备的进一步时间表尚不清楚。

Some developers of the OpenWRT open-source router software are working on their own hardware called OpenWRT One, which is specifically designed for OpenWRT and is expected to be priced at less than $100. A team within the OpenWRT Project has outlined these plans in an email list. The manufacturers aim to create a device that features OpenWrt One/AP-24.XY, based on the MediaTek MT7981B system-on-a-chip and MT7976C wireless chip. These components would be placed on a PCB board that is approximately the same size as Banana Pi’s BPI-R4, measuring around 100x148mm. The device will include two RJ-45 ports, one for 2.5Gbit Ethernet connections and the other for 1Gbit Ethernet connections. The router will have three MMCX antenna connectors and will be equipped with a reset button and a power switch. The manufacturers also plan to provide the schematics of the PCB under a GPL license.

The developers state that the device will be equipped with two different flash chips. One of them, a NAND chip, will be used for the bootloader and the Linux boot image, while the other, a NOR chip with write protection, will contain a recovery bootloader. The device will have a physical button for switching between these two bootloaders. The developers aim to make the device almost unbrickable by allowing users to switch between the two bootloaders.

The router will also feature an M.2 slot for NVMe storage, theoretically enabling users to boot alternative Linux distributions from the drive. Additionally, the manufacturers plan to include a USB-C port for power supply on the router, along with a standard USB-A 2.0 port.

The manufacturers intend to collaborate with Banana Pi, an open-source hardware manufacturer, for the design and distribution of the hardware. Developer John Crispin mentioned that Banana Pi has previously produced devices that closely aligned with their desired goals. The OpenWRT Project does not possess the knowledge and capabilities to sell physical devices. A portion of the device sales will be donated to the Software Freedom Conservancy, a foundation that promotes open-source software and to which OpenWRT is affiliated.

The final pricing of the device has not been determined yet, but the manufacturers aim to keep it below $100. The developers have made agreements with MediaTek and Banana Pi, but the further timeline of the device remains unclear.



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