Google Cloud 取消转到其他云服务商的迁移费用

Google 宣布为企业云用户免费提供迁移其环境到其他云服务提供商的服务。Google Cloud 表示,它将取消出口费用,即用于将数据从 Google Cloud 转移到其他提供商的迁移成本。该政策仅适用于”data storage-和 data management products” 中的数据。这些产品包括 BigQuery、Cloud Bigtable、Cloud SQL、Cloud Storage、Datastore、Filestore、Spanner 和 Persistent Disk。此外,用户需要向 Google 提交申请。只有在提交申请后的 60 天内实际取消服务的用户才能申请免费迁移。因此,客户只能迁移其全部数据,而不能仅迁移部分数据。Google 的出口费用介于每 GiB 0.12 美元和 0.08 美元之间。Google 表示,取消这些费用希望 “为客户的迁移提供更多便利”,同时也希望促进云服务提供商之间的更多互操作性。

Google has announced that it will offer free migration services for enterprise cloud users to transfer their environments to other cloud service providers. Google Cloud has stated that it will waive the egress fees, which are the costs associated with moving data from Google Cloud to another provider. This policy applies specifically to data within “data storage and data management products.” These products include BigQuery, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Datastore, Filestore, Spanner, and Persistent Disk.Additionally, users are required to submit an application to Google. Only users who actually cancel their services within 60 days of the application are eligible for the free migration. As a result, customers can only migrate their entire data and not just a portion of it. Google’s egress fees range between $0.12 and $0.08 per GiB. Google has stated that the decision to eliminate these fees aims to “provide more convenience for customer migration” and promote greater interoperability among cloud service providers.

Google Cloud取消转到其他云服务商的迁移费用


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