iOS 版 WhatsApp 增强了自定义贴纸功能


软餐获悉,WhatsApp for iOS 客户端引入了一种新的自定义贴纸的方式——在添加贴纸选项中新增了一个加号按钮,点击可从照片中选择一张照片并裁剪成贴纸,用户还可在贴纸中额外添加文本和图像。WhatsApp 之前已允许从照片应用中拖动图像来制作贴纸,现在可以直接在 WhatsApp 中完成。该功能仅适用于 iOS 17,暂时不适用于 Android。

WhatsApp for iOS introduces a new way of creating custom stickers by adding a plus button in the sticker options. Users can now select a photo from their gallery, crop it into a sticker, and add additional text and images. Previously, WhatsApp allowed users to create stickers by dragging images from the Photos app, but now it can be done directly within WhatsApp. This feature is currently exclusive to iOS 17 and is not available on Android for now.



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