Discord 决定裁员 17%

软餐获悉,Discord 决定裁员 17%,涉及 170 名员工。该公司在 8 月份已经解雇了 4% 的员工。该公司在财务上的表现并不差。Discord 创始人和 CEOJason Citron 称:“我们发展迅速,员工队伍扩张得更快,自 2020 年以来增长了五倍。结果,我们承担了更多的项目,而我们的工作效率却越来越低。“

Discord has decided to lay off 17% of its workforce, affecting 170 employees. The company had already laid off 4% of its employees in August. The company’s financial performance is not poor. Discord’s founder and CEO, Jason Citron, stated, “We have been growing rapidly, with our employee base expanding fivefold since 2020. As a result, we have taken on more projects, but our work efficiency has been declining.”

Discord 决定裁员 17%


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