Getty Images 推出内置的 AI 图像生成器

Getty Images推出内置的AI图像生成器

软餐获悉,知名数字图片平台 Getty Images(盖帝图像)推出了一个数字图片生成器 Generative AI by iStock,这是一项付费订阅服务。可使用 AI 基于无版权照片来生成图像,使用户不会侵犯版权。Generative AI by iStock 的定价为每 100 条提示词 14.99 美元,每条提示词可生成 4 张图片,提示词支持 75 种语言。用户可以免费使用生成的图片。此外,Getty Images 还将提供一个 API,以便将该工具集成到其他软件中。使用该工具的用户还可以获得 IStock 的标准保险,以便在出现投诉时获得 1 万美元的法律援助。用户可对生成的图像进行再许可。这些图像不会被纳入 Getty Images 中,但 IStock 会使用这些提示和图像来训练自己的模型。Getty Images 的所有者 IStock 与 Nvidia 合作开发了这个图像生成器。

Getty Images, a well-known digital image platform, has launched a digital image generator as a paid subscription service. This AI-powered tool uses copyright-free photos to generate images, ensuring that users do not infringe on copyrights. Generative AI by iStock is priced at $14.99 per 100 prompts, with each prompt generating four images that users can freely use. Users can provide prompts in 75 languages. Additionally, Getty Images will provide an API for integrating the tool into other software. Users of the tool also receive standard insurance from iStock, providing $10,000 in legal assistance in case of complaints. Users are allowed to license the generated images. These images are not included in Getty Images, but iStock utilizes the prompts and images to train its own model. iStock, the owner of Getty Images, collaborated with Nvidia to develop this image generator.

Getty Images推出内置的AI图像生成器


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