Vivaldi 安卓版已支持同步全部浏览记录


软餐获悉,Vivaldi 浏览器安卓版推出了更新。最新版本 Vivaldi 6.5 for Android 引入了几项新功能。

该版本已上架到 Google Play,其主要改进内容包括:

  • 可以为隐私标签页设置单独的搜索引擎,搜索敏感内容时更加安全。
  • 允许关闭搜索引擎快捷方式功能。该功能允许使用字母切换搜索引擎。
  • Vivaldi 现在可在所有设备上同步所有浏览历史记录。
  • 浏览数据(历史记录、密码、书签、打开的标签页、阅读列表和笔记)都已被加密,只有用户自己能访问它们。

Vivaldi Browser has released an update for its Android version. The latest version, Vivaldi 6.5 for Android, introduces several new features.

The latest version is now available on Google Play, and its key improvements include:

  • The ability to set separate search engines for private tabs, enhancing security when searching for sensitive content.
  • The option to disable the search engine shortcuts feature, which allows users to switch between search engines using letters.
  • Vivaldi now enables syncing of browsing history across all devices.
  • Browsing data such as history, passwords, bookmarks, open tabs, reading list, and notes are encrypted and can only be accessed by the user.


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