GitHub 认证面向 IT 工作者开放

软餐获悉,GitHub 为 IT 工作者们推出了职业能力认证服务 GitHub Certifications注册页面)。GitHub 提供的认证包括 Github Foundations Certification、GitHub Actions Certification、GitHub Advanced Security Certification 和 GitHub Administration Certification。完成考试的客户将获得 Credly 徽章和证书。考试费用为 200 美元,如未通过重考需重新缴费。为帮助客户准备考试,GitHub 还发布了一本考生手册以及学习指南。以前 GitHub 认证仅对其员工和合作伙伴开放。

GitHub has introduced a professional skills certification service called GitHub Certifications (registration page) for IT professionals. The certifications offered by GitHub include GitHub Foundations Certification, GitHub Actions Certification, GitHub Advanced Security Certification, and GitHub Administration Certification. Customers who successfully complete the exams will receive Credly badges and certificates. The exam fee is $200, and if a candidate does not pass, they will need to pay the fee again for a reattempt. To assist customers in preparing for the exams, GitHub has also released a candidate handbook and study guides. Previously, GitHub certifications were only available to their employees and partners.



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