LG 今年发布的电视将内置 Chromecast

软餐获悉,谷歌工程副总裁埃里克·凯(Erik Kay)在 CES 的新闻发布会上表示,LG 将在 2024 年发布的新款智能电视中预置 Chromecast。这些电视不再需要单独的加密狗来使用 Chromecast 功能。Chromecast 允许用户将音乐、视频、游戏和其他内容从智能手机或平板电脑流式传输到电视。上周,LG 推出了 2024 款 OLED 智能电视,其中包括刷新率为 144Hz 的 C4 和 G144,这些电视应该都内置了 Chromecast。

Google Engineering Vice President Erik Kay announced at the CES press conference that LG will pre-install Chromecast on its new smart TVs to be released in 2024. These TVs will no longer require a separate dongle to use the Chromecast functionality. Chromecast allows users to stream music, videos, games, and other content from their smartphones or tablets to the TV. Last week, LG launched its 2024 lineup of OLED smart TVs, including the C4 and G144 models with a refresh rate of 144Hz, all of which are expected to come with built-in Chromecast.

LG 今年发布的电视将内置Chromecast


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