软餐获悉,X(Twitter)平台最近已重新为外链帖子/文章显示标题,现在标题会覆盖在封面图片上。这一调整已率先在 X 平台的网页版中推出。去年马斯克决定从该平台上删除了这些标题,以鼓励创作者在 X 上直接发布内容,X 官方当时声称这可以 “提升美观度”。去年 11 月,马斯克承诺将重新恢复外链帖子的标题。

The X (Twitter) platform has recently reintroduced the display of titles for external link posts/articles, with the titles now overlaying the cover image. This adjustment has been implemented first in the web version of the X platform. Last year, Musk decided to remove these titles from the platform to encourage creators to publish content directly on X. At that time, X officials claimed that this would “enhance aesthetics.” In November of last year, Musk pledged to restore the titles for external link posts.



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