Via 浏览器更新:可恢复关闭的标签页等

软餐获悉,以轻快著称的 Via 浏览器最近动作频频,在其最新版本 Via Browser 5.2.0 中推出了多项新功能及改进:

– 支持恢复最近关闭的标签页
– 支持扫描网页中的二维码图片
– 支持为网站单独设置摄像头和麦克风权限
– 修复下载速度显示错误的问题
– 修复电脑模式可能不立即生效的问题
– 适配 Android 14
– 部分错误修复

最新版已上架到 Google Play 商店

The lightweight and fast Via Browser has recently been active, introducing several new features and improvements in its latest version, Via Browser 5.2.0:

  • Support for restoring recently closed tabs
  • Support for scanning QR code images on webpages
  • Support for individually setting camera and microphone permissions for websites
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect download speed display
  • Fixed an issue where the desktop mode might not take effect immediately
  • Adapted to Android 14
  • Partial bug fixes

The latest version is now available on the Google Play.



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