ASML 提前取消部分对华光刻机订单

软餐获悉,总部位于荷兰并主导全球光刻机市场的 ASML(阿斯麦)周一表示,2023 年将其系统运往中国的许可证 “最近被当局部分吊销”。ASML 方面向中国媒体提供的资料显示,荷兰政府部分撤销了此前颁发的 NXT:2050i 和 NXT:2100i 光刻机在 2023 年发货的出口许可证,这将对 ASML 在中国内地的个别客户产生影响。知情人士称,拜登政府近几个月直接与 ASML 联系,要求停止向中国客户出货某些深紫外(DUV)光刻系统。中国是 ASML 的重要市场,占其上季度销售额的 46%。

1 月 2 日,针对美国要求 ASML 停止向中国出口某些型号的光刻机,外交部发言人汪文斌主持例行记者会时回应,我们注意到有关的报道,中方一贯反对美国泛化国家安全概念,以各种借口胁迫其他国家搞对华科技封锁。半导体是高度全球化的产业,在各国经济深度融合的背景下,美方有关霸道、霸凌行径严重违背国际贸易规则,严重破坏全球半导体产业格局,严重冲击国际产业链、供应链的安全和稳定,必将自食其果。

ASML, headquartered in the Netherlands and leading the global lithography machine market, announced on Monday that its license to ship systems to China in 2023 “has recently been partially revoked by the authorities.” According to information provided by ASML to Chinese media, the Dutch government has partially revoked the export licenses previously issued for the NXT:2050i and NXT:2100i lithography machines, which will have an impact on ASML’s individual customers in mainland China. Insiders have stated that the Biden administration has been in direct contact with ASML in recent months, requesting a halt to shipments of certain Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) lithography systems to Chinese customers. China is an important market for ASML, accounting for 46% of its sales in the last quarter.

On January 2nd, when asked about the US request for ASML to stop exporting certain models of lithography machines to China, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded during a routine press conference, stating that China has noticed the relevant reports. China consistently opposes the United States’ generalization of the concept of national security and the use of various excuses to coerce other countries into implementing technology restrictions against China. The semiconductor industry is highly globalized, and in the context of deep economic integration among countries, the US’ arrogant and bullying behavior seriously violates international trade rules, severely disrupts the global semiconductor industry landscape, and greatly impacts the security and stability of international industrial chains and supply chains. It will undoubtedly backfire.



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