iOS 17.2.1 致 iPhone 用户遭遇信号和网络问题

软餐获悉,很多 iPhone 用户在更新 iOS 17.2.1 之后似乎遇到了网络连接问题。不少用户抱怨,更新该版本后,iPhone 拨打电话或通过移动数据访问互联网受阻,投诉似乎主要集中在 iPhone 15 系列,并集中在特定区域。有 T-Mobile 和 Verizon 用户尝试在运营商处更换了 SIM 卡,但问题仍然存在。甚至 Apple Store 员工也无法对该问题提供有效的帮助。

ZDNet 等媒体分享了修复该问题的方法:首先可尝试重启设备并检查信号是否恢复正常;其次可尝试删除 iPhone 上的所有 VPN 配置文件(“设置”>“常规”>“VPN 和设备管理 > VPN);此外还可尝试将设备更新到 iOS 17.3 Beta 版;最后也可尝试备份数据并将设备恢复出厂设置。


Many iPhone users seem to be experiencing network connectivity issues after updating to iOS 17.2.1. Numerous users have complained that after updating to this version, their iPhones have encountered difficulties making phone calls or accessing the internet through mobile data. The complaints appear to be mainly focused on the iPhone 15 series and concentrated in specific regions. Some T-Mobile and Verizon users have attempted to replace their SIM cards at their respective carriers, but the problem persists. Even Apple Store employees have been unable to provide effective assistance for this issue.

Media outlets like ZDNet have shared methods to resolve the problem: first, users can try restarting their devices and checking if the signal returns to normal; second, they can attempt to remove all VPN configurations on the iPhone (“Settings” > “General” > “VPN and Device Management > VPN”); additionally, users can try updating their devices to the iOS 17.3 Beta version; finally, they can also try backing up their data and restoring the device to factory settings.

Apple may release relevant bug fixes in the coming weeks.

iOS 17.2.1致iPhone用户遭遇信号和网络问题


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