Tor 浏览器紧急修复 Win7 上的崩溃问题

软餐获悉,Tor 项目发布了版本号为 13.0.8 的浏览器桌面应用程序的紧急修复补丁,以修复与 Windows 7 不兼容导致的崩溃问题。The Onion Router 组织称,Go 工具链的早期更新似乎 “破坏” 了对 Windows 7 的支持。不过紧急发布的新版本并不完美,因此开发者强烈建议用户将操作系统切换到 Linux 发行版或 Windows 10 或更高版本。明年,Tor 浏览器对 Windows 7 和 8 的 支持将正式结束。

The Tor Project has released an emergency patch for its desktop browser application with version number 13.0.8 to fix a crash issue caused by incompatibility with Windows 7. The Onion Router organization stated that early updates to the Go toolchain seemed to have “broken” support for Windows 7. However, the newly released version as an emergency fix is not considered perfect, and therefore, developers strongly recommend users to switch their operating systems to a Linux distribution or Windows 10 or higher. Next year, support for Windows 7 and 8 will officially end for the Tor browser.



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