Z-Library 称 98% 的藏书可供在线阅读

软餐获悉,在 2023 年结束之际,电子书网站 Z-Library 官方发布了该网站在过去一年里的里程碑事件。

  • 该网站今年推出了适用于 Windows、macOS、Linux 等平台的桌面应用程序,并收获了 30 多万桌面用户;
  • Z-Library 声称已将几乎所有(约 98%)藏书转为可供在线阅读的格式。
  • Z-Library 已创建了 1344522 条书单。书单是由其用户策划的主题书籍集合。书单功能在过去一年获得了评论功能、颜色编码和排序等改进。
  • 该网站在今年开启了纸质图书线下交换计划,其建立的 Z-Point(纸质图书交换仓库)已达 161 个,遍布 45 个国家。在中国大陆已拥有十几个 Z-Point

At the end of 2023, the e-book website Z-Library officially announced the milestone events of the website in the past year.

  • This year, the website launched desktop applications for platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, attracting over 300,000 desktop users;
  • Z-Library claims to have converted almost all (about 98%) of its collection into formats available for online reading.
  • Z-Library has created 1,344,522 booklists. Booklists are thematic collections of books planned by its users. The booklist feature has been improved in the past year with added functionalities such as comments, color coding, and sorting.
  • The website initiated an offline book exchange program this year. Its established Z-Point (physical book exchange warehouses) has reached 161 locations across 45 countries. There are already more than ten Z-Points in mainland China.


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