iOS 17 曝出新问题:定好的闹钟没响

软餐获悉,最近很多 iPhone 用户抱怨,手机上设置的闹钟没有按时响起,导致自己睡过头。涉及的型号包括 iPhone 15、iPhone 11 和 iPhone XR 等。该问题似乎出现在安装 iOS 17 更新后,有些用户则是更新到 iOS 17.2 后遇到了该故障,还有用户说,这个 Bug 在旧版本 iOS 中已经存在多年。

苹果官方尚未回应该问题。网友们分享的解决方案包括:禁用 iPhone 上的 “注视感知功能”(如果你一直看着设备,iOS 会调低你收到的提醒的音量)、禁用待机模式、删除并重新安装时钟应用程序,以及删除一些闹钟(如果闹钟太多)等。

Recently, many iPhone users have complained that the alarms set on their phones did not go off on time, causing them to oversleep. The affected models include iPhone 15, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR, among others. This issue seems to have occurred after installing the iOS 17 update. Some users encountered this problem after updating to iOS 17.2, while others mentioned that this bug has been present for years in older versions of iOS.

Apple has not yet responded to this issue. Solutions shared by netizens include disabling the “Attention Aware” feature on the iPhone (if you keep looking at the device, iOS will lower the volume of your notifications), disabling standby mode, deleting and reinstalling the Clock app, and temporarily removing some alarms if there are too many.

iOS 17曝出新问题:定好的闹钟没响


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