Instagram 正为私信引入动画表情符号

软餐获悉,Instagram 正在为私信(DM)功能开发动画表情符号,暂不清楚发布时间。网传的录屏显示,用户将被允许在私信聊天窗口中发送动画表情符号。此外,同属于 Meta 的 WhatsApp 也在开发动画表情符号功能。

Instagram is developing animated emojis for its direct messaging (DM) feature, but the release date is currently unknown. A leaked screen recording shows that users will be allowed to send animated emojis in private chat windows. Additionally, WhatsApp, which is also owned by Meta, is also developing animated emoji functionality.

Instagram 正为私信引入动画表情符号


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