FBI 发布解密工具,可恢复勒索软件 BlackCat 加密的数据

软餐获悉,FBI(美国联邦调查局)发布了一款解密工具,可以帮助 Alphv/BlackCat 勒索软件的受害者重新获得其加密文件的访问权限。BlackCat 是过去一年多以来最活跃的勒索软件团伙之一,其不法收入已达数亿美元,全球受害者超过 1000 个,包括美国多家政府机构、紧急服务部门、关键基础设施机构和学校,该组织还曾声称攻击社区平台 Reddit。现在,FBI 已经帮助 500 多个受害者恢复数据或修复系统。该机构呼吁其他受害者联系他们以使用这个工具。FBI 此次还捣毁了 BlackCat 的部分网站。

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has released a decryption tool that can help victims of the Alphv/BlackCat ransomware regain access to their encrypted files. BlackCat is one of the most active ransomware groups in the past year, with illegal profits reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. It has over 1,000 global victims, including multiple US government agencies, emergency services departments, critical infrastructure institutions, and schools. The organization has also claimed attacks on the community platform Reddit. Currently, the FBI has assisted over 500 victims in data recovery or system repair. The agency urges other victims to contact them for using this tool. Additionally, the FBI has taken down some websites associated with BlackCat.



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