Bing 网速测试工具已切换为 小部件


软餐获悉,在微软 Bing 搜索引擎搜索 “Speed test” 时,Bing 现在将显示流行的 测速小部件提供的网速测试结果——微软已经撤销了 Bing 自有的网速测试工具。 小部件可提供当前 ISP 的下载和上传速度,以及该连接的延迟量。 网速测试服务由 Ookla 公司于 2006 年推出,其用户每天发起超过 1800 万次测试,自推出以来,它在全球范围内总共产生了超过 510 亿次测试。它还在全球运营着 16,000 多台服务器来处理所有这些测试。

When searching for “Speed test” on Microsoft Bing search engine, Bing will now display the internet speed test results provided by the popular widget. Microsoft has discontinued its own internet speed testing tool. The widget can provide the current ISP’s download and upload speeds, as well as the latency of the connection. The internet speed testing service was launched by Ookla in 2006 and its users initiate over 18 million tests per day. Since its launch, it has generated a total of over 51 billion tests worldwide. It also operates more than 16,000 servers globally to handle all these tests.



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