Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 已进入 Meta Quest VR 头显

软餐获悉,Microsoft 365 应用程序 Microsoft Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 现已在 Meta Quest VR 头戴设备上提供。这些应用程序可以从 Quest Store 下载,可以在应用程序中配对和使用蓝牙键盘和鼠标。在 Meta 的 VR 眼镜上,用户可以开始使用 Microsoft Word,Excel 和 PowerPoint 的网络版本,用户需要登录 Microsoft 帐户。Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 应用程序各占用大约 1.3MB 的存储空间。这些应用适用于从初代 Quest 到 Quest Pro 和 Quest 3 的全线 Meta 头显。

本周早些时候,微软还在 Quest 平台上提供了 Xbox Game Pass 应用程序,以允许订户在虚拟现实中访问数百款游戏。

Microsoft 365 applications Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are now available on the Meta Quest VR headset. These applications can be downloaded from the Quest Store and can be paired with and used with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse within the applications. On Meta’s VR glasses, users can start using the web versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint by logging into their Microsoft account. The Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications each occupy approximately 1.3MB of storage space. These applications are compatible with all Meta headsets from the original Quest to Quest Pro and Quest 3Meta.

Earlier this week, Microsoft also provided the Xbox Game Pass application on the Quest platform to allow subscribers access to hundreds of games in virtual reality.

Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint已进入Meta Quest VR头显


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