Edge 浏览器「Web 开发工具」引入了 Copilot


软餐获悉,微软已将其人工智能助理 Copilot 添加到 Microsoft Edge 浏览器的 Web 开发工具中。在最新发布的 Edge 120 中,DevTools 控制台都会在每个错误或警告旁边放置一枚 Copilot 图标,单击即可启动 Copilot 并生成详细说明。此外,你可以要求 Copilot 解释 “源” 工具中的任何代码片段,Edge 将在侧边栏中打开 Copilot 并提供必要的信息。DevTools 将为 Copilot 提供上下文来理解和解释特定问题。

用户需要预先在 Edge 120 及以上版本中手动启用 Copilot for DevTools。请使用 Edge 浏览器访问 edge://flags,并将 Explain DevTools with AI 标志启用,重新浏览器即可。使用 F12 键启动 DevTools,然后即可在任何警告或错误旁边看到 Copilot 图标。

Microsoft has added its artificial intelligence assistant, Copilot, to the web development tools of Microsoft Edge browser. In the latest release of Edge 120, the DevTools console will place a Copilot icon next to each error or warning, and clicking on it will launch Copilot and generate detailed explanations. Additionally, you can ask Copilot to explain any code snippets in the “Sources” tool, and Edge will open Copilot in the sidebar and provide necessary information. DevTools will provide context for Copilot to understand and interpret specific issues.

Users need to manually enable Copilot for DevTools in Edge version 120 or above. Please visit edge://flags using the Edge browser and enable the “Explain DevTools with AI” flag, then restart your browser. Use the F12 key to launch DevTools, and you will see the Copilot icon next to any warnings or errors.



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