iOS 17.3 引入 iPhone 被盗保护功能

软餐获悉,在即将发布的 iOS 17.3 更新中,苹果公司引入了一个名为 Stolen Device Protection(被盗设备保护)的功能,执行某些操作需要 Face ID 或 Touch ID 进行身份验证。 Stolen Device Protection 功能是可选择启用的。例如,在 iCloud Keychain 中查看已保存密码时,用户必须通过生物识别方式验证其身份。不能再使用密码进行验证。在美国,如果没有 Face ID 或 Touch ID,则无法申请新的 Apple Card、完全擦除手机或设置新的 Apple 设备。这同样适用于更改 Apple ID 密码或安全设置(如启用恢复密钥)。如果用户不处于熟悉位置(如家中或工作场所),则还需等待一小时。过了这个小时后,用户必须再次通过 Face ID 或 Touch ID 进行身份验证。除非处于熟悉位置上否则要等待一个小时才能向 iPhone 添加新的 Face ID 和 Touch ID 凭证。此功能旨在限制小偷对某些敏感信息(如已保存密码)的访问权限,并使用户能够快速通过 iCloud 完全清除被盗的 iPhone,因为小偷无法轻易更改受害者的 Apple ID 密码。使用新功能仍然可以通过密码解锁 iPhone。只有使用密码也可以继续使用 Apple Pay。这项新功能将在未来的 iOS 17.3 更新中推出,目前已作为测试版可用。尚不清楚何时正式发布。当苹果发布此功能时,用户将被要求启用它。Stolen Device Protection 还可以在设置中找到,在 Face ID 和密码下方。

In the upcoming iOS 17.3 update, Apple introduces a feature called Stolen Device Protection (被盗设备保护), which requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication for certain operations. The Stolen Device Protection feature is optional to enable. For example, when viewing saved passwords in iCloud Keychain, users must verify their identity through biometric recognition. Password verification is no longer available. In the United States, without Face ID or Touch ID, one cannot apply for a new Apple Card, completely erase the phone, or set up a new Apple device. This also applies to changing Apple ID password or security settings (such as enabling recovery key). If the user is not in a familiar location (such as home or workplace), an additional one-hour wait is required. After this hour has passed, users must authenticate their identity again using Face ID or Touch ID. Adding new Face ID and Touch ID credentials to iPhone can only be done after waiting for an hour unless in a familiar location. This feature aims to restrict thieves’ access to certain sensitive information (such as saved passwords) and allows users to quickly erase stolen iPhones through iCloud because thieves cannot easily change the victim’s Apple ID password. Unlocking iPhone with passcode can still be done with this new feature enabled. Only passcode can continue to be used for Apple Pay transactions as well.
This new feature will be launched in future iOS 17.3 updates and is currently available as a beta version.It is unclear when it will be officially released.When Apple releases this feature,user will be prompted to enable it.Stolen Device Protection can also be found in Settings under FaceID & Passcode section

iOS 17.3引入iPhone被盗保护功能


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