Android 14 新增蓝牙设备切换弹窗

Android 14新增蓝牙设备切换弹窗

软餐获悉,据 Android Police,Android 14 上将获得一个弹出菜单,该菜单将允许用户切换蓝牙设备的活动连接。其中包含所有可用的蓝牙设备,用户可以选择哪个连接是音频输入和输出的活动连接。此外,该网站在 Pixel 手机的 Android 14 下一个季度版本的 Beta 版中发现了更多隐藏功能。例如,如果通知不断传入,将有一种方法可以限制来自应用程序的通知;横向通知面板也将有更好的布局,升级后将有多个列;使用带有特定性别字词(如法语)的语言的用户可以在设置中选择应用应如何称呼用户:男性、女性或中性词等。

According to Android Police, Android 14 will receive a pop-up menu that will allow users to switch the active connection of Bluetooth devices. It includes all available Bluetooth devices, and users can choose which connection is the active one for audio input and output. In addition, the website discovered more hidden features in the Beta version of Android 14 for Pixel phones in the next quarter. For example, if notifications keep coming in, there will be a way to limit notifications from applications; the landscape notification panel will also have a better layout with multiple columns after upgrading; users who use languages with specific gender words (such as French) can choose how applications should address them: male, female, or neutral terms in settings.

Android 14新增蓝牙设备切换弹窗


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