Epic Games 赢了针对谷歌的反垄断诉讼

软餐获悉,旧金山的一个陪审团认为,Google 在 Android 应用商店和支付系统上拥有垄断地位。将 Google Play 商店与 Google 支付系统绑定被认为是非法的,并且阻碍了竞争。其内部计划 Project Hug 也阻碍了竞争。后者向开发者支付数亿美元以安装应用程序或防止开发者推出竞争性应用商店。明年一月,联邦法官将决定谷歌必须采取何种措施以遵守美国反垄断法规。谷歌对此回应成,该公司将对法院裁决提起上诉。

Epic Games 与 Google 之间的诉讼于去年 11 月开始。Epic Games 认为谷歌通过其在 Android 上的应用商店和强制支付系统维持了垄断地位。该游戏开发者希望谷歌能够更加开放其平台,接受替代性应用商店和支付方式。2021 年,Epic Games 因类似原因将苹果告上美国法庭。这起诉讼在很大程度上被苹果赢得,但这家美国科技公司也不得不向法官做出一些让步。然而,Epic 并未放弃对抗苹果的斗争。该游戏开发者已经请求美国最高法院处理此案。

A jury in San Francisco found that Google has a monopoly position in the Android app store and payment system. The bundling of Google Play Store with the Google payment system is considered illegal and hinders competition. Their internal plan, Project Hug, also hinders competition by paying developers hundreds of millions of dollars to install apps or prevent them from launching competitive app stores. In January next year, a federal judge will decide what measures Google must take to comply with US antitrust regulations. Google responded by stating that they will appeal the court’s ruling.

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Google began in November last year. Epic Games believes that Google maintains its monopoly position through its app store and mandatory payment system on Android. The game developer hopes that Google can be more open to alternative app stores and payment methods on their platform. In 2021, Epic Games sued Apple for similar reasons in US courts. This lawsuit was largely won by Apple, but the American tech company had to make some concessions to the judge as well. However, Epic has not given up its fight against Apple. The game developer has requested that the case be taken up by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Epic Games赢了针对谷歌的反垄断诉讼


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