Google Messages 或将支持修改发出的消息

软餐获悉,据 TheSpAndroid,针对谷歌 Messages 应用程序代码的分析显示,谷歌正为 Google Messages 应用开发消息编辑/修改功能,谷歌还将提供显示编辑历史记录的功能。虽然消息编辑不是 GSMA 协会定义的 RCS 的原生功能,但这对谷歌来说不应该是一个大问题。几年前,谷歌在 Google Messages 中实施了端到端加密,尽管端到端加密不是 RCS 标准的一部分。暂不清楚该功能的推出时间。Google Messages 的竞争者 WhatsApp 等应用已经支持在特定时间内编辑消息。

According to TheSpAndroid, an analysis of the code for the Google Messages application shows that Google is developing a message editing/modification feature for the Google Messages app. Google will also provide a feature to display edit history. Although message editing is not a native feature defined by the GSMA Association’s RCS, this should not be a big problem for Google. A few years ago, Google implemented end-to-end encryption in Google Messages, even though end-to-end encryption is not part of the RCS standard. It is currently unclear when this feature will be released. Competitors of Google Messages such as WhatsApp already support editing messages within a specific time frame.

Google Messages 或将支持修改发出的消息


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