Outlook 若子文件夹超过 500 个不能发邮件,微软称正修复

软餐获悉,微软表示正在修复部分用户无法通过 Outlook 桌面客户端发送邮件的问题。这些用户的共同点是他们的邮箱中包含了超过 500 个子文件夹。微软称正在寻找解决方案,现在这些用户可尝试删除其中一些子文件夹以解决问题。用户还可以将文件夹折叠起来,以暂时绕过该问题。无法应用上述解决办法的用户也可以避免错误提示,方法是不使用 Outlook 搜索功能中的某些在线功能,例如 “View on Server” 选项。

Microsoft said it is fixing the issue where some users are unable to send emails through the Outlook desktop client. The common factor among these users is that their mailboxes contain over 500 subfolders. Microsoft stated that they are looking for a solution, and in the meantime, these users can try deleting some of the subfolders to resolve the problem. Users can also collapse folders temporarily to bypass this issue. For those who cannot apply the aforementioned solutions, they can avoid error prompts by not using certain online features in Outlook’s search function, such as the “View on Server” option.



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